ABS armour is a special type of armour used by very few terrorists. In early stages it was full body armour. The first time it was used was by Rhoemer which was in Syphon Filter 3, when Gabe attempted to exact revenge on behalf of Ellis following the Costa Rican Incident. Rhoemer used it in a Galaxy transport with a helmet and armed himself with a shotgun. He was defeated by Gabe by using the UAS 12 or shotgun.

This was next used by Anton Girdeux in his battle with Gabe during the Washington DC Attack. Since you couldn't harm Girdeux by shooting his body because of his armor you had to shoot the back of his flame thrower.

The fully completed suit was used by Unit One and Chance in Syphon Filter 2. Both were extremely hard to defeat, the former requiring explosives such as the vials and test tubes on the Bio Lab tables or the M-79; while the latter's fight was structured so that the player use the UAS 12 or a shotgun.

Notable users

  • Erich Rhoemer
  • Anton Girdeaux
  • Jason Chance
  • Unit One
Screenshot 2017-11-21 17.00.15

Rhoemer wearing ABS armour

Screenshot 2017-11-20 19.58.54

The suit used by an unidentified Agency operative

Screenshot 2017-11-20 20.02.06

Unit One operative with ABS armour

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