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AU300 Heavy Barrel
AU300 H-BAR.png
Assault Rifle

Syphon Filter 3

Syphon Filter The Omega Strain

Syphon filter Dark Mirror

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

In-game description

This is another modification of the AU300 rifles that has a heavier barrel for the light machine gun role.  It has a flash suppressor that reduces recoil and rise during sustained firing and it has an attachment for a night vision scope.  The AUG/HB fires from a closed bolt position making single shots extremely accurate.

Syphon Filter 3

The weapon is used in the Kabul, Afghanistan, Australian Outback and DC Subway missions; it is required to take out Aramov at the end of the game. With an 'X-ray scope' and a 'gas-operated system' it can apparently pierce through walls.

Syphon Filter Omega Strain

Walid Abdul Khorsh is seen with this weapon and only fires it if the player's stealth is compromised. It is a lethal weapon at any range, but its X-ray vision from Syphon Filter 3 is removed, nor does it have a night-vision scope as the description claims it does. Instead, it is equipped with a regular sniper scope.

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

This weapon is used by Richard Kress and Red Section elites in 'Blood Money'. Players may use it in 'The Ultimate Sacrifice', 'Blood Money' and 'Meeting with Fate'. Its sniper scope from SFOS is used.

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

Players can find this in 'Into the Cold', 'Deadly Cargo' and 'Left Behind'. As with the two games before it, it uses a sniper-type scope.


  • In Syphon Filter 3, It is incorrectly shown as a Russian made "X-Ray gun", and can shoot through walls. In all actuality, the AU300's inspiration, the Steyr AUG, predates the Syphon Filter series by over 20 years. It was actually made in Austria in 1977 and is the current assault rifle of the Australian military.
  • This gun was made famous in the 1988 movie Die Hard. It is often widely accepted that Syphon Filter borrowed elements from action movies to achieve the optimal effect.