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"...She's at the second hangar. Falkan, take the second squad and get her. First squad, get Logan and those discs. UN forces are on their way, and we have to be finished before they get here!"

"Concussion grenades only, we need her alive!"

Dillon Morgan and Derek Falkan

Following the Kazakhstan Missile Incident, the Agency assaulted the warehouse district belonging to PHARCOM, where Gabe Logan was attempting to load data discs onto a transport plane. Led by Dillon Morgan, their goal was to terminate Logan and capture his partner, Lian Xing, for research purposes.

The conflict resulted in a tactical Agency victory, a short-term success wherein they caught Xing and despite attempting to extract her plasma for scientific reasons, they ultimately failed to complete this objective. Even worst, Gabe Logan, their primary target during this skirmish, remained alive and therefore able to wage a one-man war against their forces thanks to the premature arrival of the Russian SVR forces headed by Uri Gregorav. This event was a herald to the incidents which occurred in Syphon Filter 2.


Lian: "What's happened here? Markinson's involvement with Phagan, Rhoemer; their plans, the virus...'

Gabe: 'What's it all mean? I don't know. With Markinson dead, I don't know if we'll ever know.'

With the conclusion of the previous conflict, Gabe and Lian attempt to investigate further but realise that with the demise of Thomas Markinson, they won't ever know much. Now classified as enemies of the state for uncovering the Agency's link to the Syphon Filter virus, they load a transport plane with Jonathan Phagan's data, Lian watches through binoculars as two Black Hawk helicopters with their forces arrive.


Teresa's partnership

Despite arguing that her airstrip has never had anything like a transport plane landed on it before, Teresa elects to help Gabe and Lian, since she is the only one they can trust. Gabe locates a mainframe with Phagan's personal information. Lian, watching with binoculars, realises two helicopters have arrived, an escort with the transport. Morgan and Falkan are on the scene.

Morgan and Falkan's plotting

At the helicopter, the Agency splits into two groups. The first squad is ordered to kill Gabe and seize the data discs, while the second led by Falkan is told to use concussion grenades and kidnap Lian alive. Lian orders Dobson to get the guys out and move. Gabe tells his partner to pull their men back to the hangar and wait; he's on his way. Logan's plot is to delay the Agency until the SVR arrives. Ramirez is told to move the discs into the silo and Gabe will signal when the landing strip is clear.

Lian's capture

At this point, somebody knocks Lian from behind her and Gabe attempts to radio her, but there is silence. Despite a valiant attempt to rescue her, and the demise of eighteen spook commandos in his path, he arrives too late. Dr E confirms Lian is the one they want. Falkan and Morgan realise the sudden arrival of the Russians has thrown a wrench into their initial plans and hurriedly depart; they had desired to kill Gabe but then vow to finish Logan later.

Gregorav's arrival

Fortunately for Gabe, the base is swarmed with SVR personnel. Gregorav orders his men to secure the airfield, and move the vehicles away. He is worried that the Agency will hurt Lian, but Gabe swears that as long as the discs are in his possession, nothing will happen to her. Gregorav is saddened about Gabe's request for help being too late and warns him that the Kazakhs are arriving soon: Gabe must leave before they reach the area. He emphasises that he never saw Gabe in the warehouses.


With their initial travel plans ruined, Gabe and his team continues with their mission nevertheless, although further Agency intervention delays the plane and causes them to come up with new actions to recover the data discs. Lian Xing later recovers, and plots an escape from Agency custody.

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