Agency Bio-Lab is the 17th mission in Syphon Filter 2. It is very long and stealth based.

Plot and Mission Overview

Gabe Logan now possessing all the Data Discs, contacts Lyle Stevens and both agree to a trade (Lian's Vaccine for the Discs). They meet up at an Agency Bio-Laboratory at the lower Eastside of New York City. But in a blunder Gabe is injected with an unknown substance by Dr. Elsa Weissinger and falls to the ground out cold. A while later Gabe is laying on a gurney being observed by a lab worker, while both Stevens and Weissinger watch. Stevens issues an order to the worker and both him and Weissinger leave. Unknown to them Gabe wakes up and uses a secret weapon, A hollow tooth (that was given to him by Mujari before the mission in case something went wrong) that releases serum gas when you bite down on it and uses it to kill the lab worker Gabe then dons the worker's lab coat and proceeds further into the facility.

Mission Briefing



  • Don't set off any alarms.
  • Don't kill Chance
  • Don't kill Ramirez
  • Don't kill Gershon


  • Silenced 9mm
  • Silenced HK-5
  • G-18
  • K3G4
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Air Taser
  • Knife
  • Camera scambler
  • Data uplink


  • Gabe Logan (Playable)
  • Jason Chance (Hostage)
  • John Ramirez (Hostage)
  • Agency guards (Enemy)
  • Scientists (Enemy)
  • Gershon (Enemy)
  • Dr. Elsa Weissinger (Enemy)
  • Heng-Su (Enemy)
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