"These guys are wearing full armor! I can't hit 'em!"

"That's sad.."

-Gabe and Theresa, explaining the enemies of the game

Agency Bio-Lab Escape is the 18th mission in Syphon Filter 2. It's short but very difficult if you don't know where to go.  


Dr. Elsa Weissinger has set off the alarm after she gives Gabe the vaccine for the virus. Now, she has contacted Lyle Stevens, who sends in Unit One to the labs. Now Gabe has to get the hell out of here!

Mission Briefing


As soon as the level begins, a Unit One agent runs and shoots with his HK-5 ordering the door to be open. You have to shoot the chemicals to create an explosion to kill him. The problem here, is that these guys wear full body armor and you can only kill them with an M-79. After exiting the room, head to the duct on the left, you will die if you go to the duct straight ahead (there's a secret there, but you need an M-79).

After crawling through the ducts, go right (go left and a Unit One will kill you). Keep going straight and head around the corner to the left, then go right and you'll enter a room where you began the previous mission. Look for a vent and crawl through til you reach the morgue. Logan will then contacts Theresa and ask for a look at the toe tags as well as escaping. Look for a vent shaft and continue on while avoiding shots from the Unit One agents until you reach the locker room. Now you can get your M-79, a silenced HK-5 and Flak Jacket that's in the locker and continue on in another shaft. Get out your M-79 because there are Unit Ones to be dealt with. Kill the Unit One agent guarding the vent shaft and climb in. Drop down and grab the ledge and pull up into another shaft (missing the ledge will result getting you minced). Once through, Logan finds Ramirez's dead body and demands to know where Chance went. Keep firing at the Unit Ones that are coming at you. Make sure you use one grenade for each guy otherwise, you're screwed. Go into the room that has the elevator switch and activate it and kill the Unit One that comes at you from behind. Go to the elevator and you're done! 

Well, Logan escapes by climbing down the shaft alright, but Stevens has contacted a masked figure (gee, I wonder who that guy is?) who's trying to find a helicopter and also orders his men to kill Logan...


  • Girdeux's charred body can be seen in the morgue. This refers to Syphon Filter, where Logan kills Girdeux by shooting at the flamethrower tank.
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