Al-Jamil was the main antagonistic faction in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.


Roughly translated to "The Beautiful", al-Jamil was led by Ghassan al-Bitar, a Syrian terrorist who wanted to drive Western influence from their land.

The group achieved this using the X-Z-2, an eccentric Chinese energy device originally meant to be used as a peaceful instrument that provided electricity to the families that most required it in said country. The quantum battery was first made by Shen Rei, Lian Xing's husband and the Shen Rei of their land.

The terrorists were first mobilised to capture Shen and hold him until US forces could arrive. Bitar, having had knowledge from the NIOC director Robert Cordell, launched an assault on a lone US Navy ammunition supply ship that had been ordered to split from its defensive fleet so that the opposition that al-Jamil encountered would be minimal. Bitar's men, backed by Warsingala Protector pirates, attacked the vessel off the coast of Somali despite suffering numerous losses, and overcame the crew in a battle of attrition, wherein they kept sending men until the St. Helens was overwhelmed. Special Forces from the US Navy were deployed by Cordell, but the director intentionally provided them with misleading information, which consequently resulted in a disastrous failure to stop the terrorists.

Cordell then turned to the IPCA commander, Gabe Logan, and briefed him of the situation. Although Teresa Lipan expressed reservations, Logan agreed to stop Bitar because of a failure to kill or capture the Syrian on a previous mission when the terrorist threatened to detonate an explosive in New York Harbour. However, en route to the ship, Alima Haddad intercepts radio chatter and cautions Gabe of the presence of the Special Ops men. Gabe surmises that Cordell did not tell him everything, and destroys the weapons systems on the ship


  • Ghassan Al-Bitar: Commander-in-chief and Syrian terrorist known for his ruthlessness: he prefers to kill all who he encounters rather than take prisoners.
  • Malak: Second-in-command
  • Fahid Tamer: Piracy operation leader
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