Alexander J. "Alex" Birchim is a minor antagonist and corrupt government official in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Though he does nothing to significantly provoke the protagonists, his actions of deterring Logan from investigating Niculescu's activities makes it difficult for Gabe to make any progress, until his orders are defied.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Birchim is the director of the White House Internal Affairs, which connects the IPCA to the President. His letters to the President are seen in the Zeus Files, notably those regarding Gabe's detonating of a nuclear device in the North Atlantic Ocean. The former later writes a letter to the IPCA, saying that 'in no way is Logan to interfere with Niculescu'. However, Gabe, convinced that Niculescu is somehow tied to the Omega Strain, decides to go against Birchim and infiltrate the Meta Global headquarters, guarded by seemingly innocent security personnel.

Ordering Cobra to use non-lethal force on the guards due to the possible chance of them not being connected to Niculescu, Gabe enters the funds tower stealthily, and after some help disabling the security systems from the agent, searches the vaults, but finds nothing implicating Niculescu. However, the recruit hunts the area a bit, and discovers, in an out-of-the-way location, files that show Birchim is linked to bribes. After returning to his base and showing this proof to the President, Gabe converses with Birchim, the latter insisting that Logan is in trouble for disobeying direct orders. Logan counters with the fact that he forgot to mention a very interesting discovery he made in Niculescu's vault, and with that two officials enter Birchim's office to arrest him. Afterwards, a Zeus file reveals Birchim is indicted for accepting bribes.

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