Gabe: "Teresa, what d'you know about this armour?"

Teresa: "It's impressive, Gabe. The internal power supply polarises the armour plating. It's virtually indestructible as long as it has power."

-Gabe and Teresa discuss AS armour in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Anti-static or AS armour is a type of body protection used by enemies in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.


Lian: "Gabe, I've got you covered. (fires at the Red Section soldier and doesn't hit him) Shit!"

Red Section soldier: "Quite a suit, isn't it?"

AS armour bestows its users with almost complete invincibility against conventional weapons; bullets will simply ricochet off whoever wears it as long as a power source was existent, and explosives are also rendered close to virtually useless. Assailants who attempted to engage users in close quarters would themselves be struck by a burst of electricity.

It was used mainly by 'elite' Red Section and al-Jamil operatives.


Teresa: "Not many weaknesses. But strong electrical interference could disrupt the circuitry. That could weaken the suit a bit. At least for a while."

Lian: "Gabe, I have EMP grenades. If you can pin him down, I can try to fry the armour."

AS armour was not without its downsides: a particular concern was that enemies who employed electronic attacks like the EMP grenade, taser, EDT darts and similar weapons could temporarily disrupt their system, allowing subsequent bullet-based assaults to harm users for a few brief seconds.

Notable users

  • Singularity
  • Ghassan al-Bitar
  • Malak


  • Despite the fact that only electric attacks will sabotage it in Dark Mirror, Logan's Shadow allows one to use explosives to temporarily disable a user. A few knee shots will be sufficient as well.
  • In Dark Mirror, users could be hurt on any body part as long as they were electrocuted beforehand, while in Logan's Shadow, one would have to aim at the backpack to actually hurt the user.
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