'Base Escape' is a Syphon Filter mission in which Gabe must flee from Rhoemer's base. The path he uses is generally the same as that in 'Rhoemer's Base' but the player should not kill enemies due to the 3-minute limit one has to finish this mission.

Escape through the main gate

Syphon Filter- (HD) Walkthrough Mission 11 "Rozovka Kazakhstan- Base Escape!"

Syphon Filter- (HD) Walkthrough Mission 11 "Rozovka Kazakhstan- Base Escape!"

At the start of the level, a guard will be ahead running away. There is a box with a flak jacket on your right if you need it. Follow that guard and take him out when you can. A second enemy will come from your right and a third is located on a roof further ahead. Take them out and keep going.

You'll see an enemy inside a building in front of you. Notice the barrels before him: shoot them to quickly get rid of him. There is another enemy inside just after, but this time you have to use normal means to take him out. Follow the path up to the passageway with the trench (a few enemies will attack you from the roofs on your way, but ignore them if they do not pose a direct threat). 

Cross the passageway on either side of the trench, but do go down in it. If you do, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the enemies attacking from all sides. Indeed, three enemies will try to trap you in the passageway. Shoot down the ones in front will you keep running. You could simply ignore the third one and continue on. There is a box with a flak jacket on the ride side of the trench, which could justify that you want to come back.

Go towards the next trench and eliminate the enemies as you cross it. Ahead are two enemies wearing flak jackets, taking cover behind a row of barrels. Use the explosion to quickly kill them. Turn ride and climb up to the catwalk. A few enemies will be attack you on the way up.

Climb down at the other end of the catwalk and go around the block in order to cross under that same catwalk. Two enemies will be blocking the base entrance. One will normally be inside the shelter, whereas the other will be right on the road out. This one is the biggest threat because he wears a flak jacket and will throw grenades at you. Use a zigzag pattern in order to avoid the grenades and take them out. You can use the barrels near the shelter to take out the one inside. Finally, there is generally a third guard in the corner on your left. Depending on the time you have left, you can either shoot him or just roll past him and run outside the base (objective completed).


  • Even though Lian was captured in the previous mission, she is somehow heard over the radio telling Gabe to watch his fire if one fires a weapon at the fuel tanks.
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