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All information thus far provided by TVthePunisher. >=D [[User:TVthePunisher|TVthePunisher]] 10:02, 10 June 2009 (UTC)
All information thus far provided by TVthePunisher. >=D [[User:TVthePunisher|TVthePunisher]] 10:02, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

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The Black Baton is the terrorist organization led under Erich Rhoemer, it's most prominent and dangerous war-criminal. The group was established sometime in the early 90's and recruited the likes of Mara Aramov, Anton Girdeux, Pavel Kravitch, and various others.


Since its establishment, the purpose of this organization was to employ the use of terrorism to gain money, power and control. It is assumed that Erich Rhoemer, following his defection from whatever service he used to be apart of, founded this group in order to persue his own tyrannical goals. Along his way he employed Mara Aramov, whom at the time was most likely already in employment for The Agency as well. It is possible that she is the one who helped convince Rhoemer to take sides with The Agency before the events of the first game and before that time they also employed Anton Girdeux, Pavel Kravitch, Jorge Marcos and Vladislav Gabrek. In addition to these men, they also recruited hundreds and hundreds of refugees, criminals, murderers, mercenaries and more to assist in these goals as the "Army" for Rhoemer. This Army was the very one that Gabriel Logan would later stand alone against in his fight to prevent Syphon Filter from being used for Rhoemer's interests. It as assumed that this organization has performed (due to Rhoemer's past history) various terrorist attacks throughout the world, including the Americas, including the bombing on the Comm. Parks Building in London during the year 1997 and an airplane hijacking from the Gulf Airlines in Istanbul, Turkey.
The main areas of operation for the Black Baton is in an old abandoned soviet base in Rozovka, Kazakhstan...and a stronghold located in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. The former holds Rhoemer's munitions and various missiles that he's aquired through use of The Agency and the latter holds the various scientists that he has employed working on the virus, as well as test subjects...even catacombs to house his prisoners.


Costa Rica

Rhoemer's Black Baton is first introduced in Costa Rica at his plantation working on the Syphon Filter virus. Upon being relayed information that an informant, Ellis, has been informing his agency about Rhoemer's activities and that reinforcements are on their way in...Rhoemer takes measures to destroy the plantation, kill all the scientists he had captured to work on the virus and remove Ellis from this use of Mara. Many of the Black Baton's soldiers attack Gabe and Lian as they arrive, appearing in full camo gear while holding onto mostly automatic weapons ( a few shotguns as well). As they cut through them, and the automated turrents designed to protect this location...they discover Ellis dead and that Rhoemer has left. The both of them continue fighting through Black Baton forces, splitting up to where Gabe persues Rhoemer and Lian goes to find out about the scientists. While Lian succeeds in rescuing the scientists and finding out more about the operation, Gabe has Rhoemer slip right through his fingers and escapes...the two of them rendevous and investigate an outbreak caused by the virus in Nepal.

Georgia Street, Washington D.C.

Rhoemer's next move is to attack Washingon D.C. with his full force and Viral Bombs, which upon explosion could spread the virus up to a hundred miles or more (according to Markinson). In this attack he comes prepared with his communications expert, Pavel Kravitch...his Munitions Expert, Anton Girdeux...and his special assassin, Mara Aramov. CBDC is already on the scene and locates a viral bomb inside of a bank in the Georgia Street district. Gabe makes his way there immediately and assists in killing off any Black Baton in the way as well as disarming the bomb safely. After preventing the explosion, Gabe leaves CBDC to dispose of it properly while he continues his persuit of one of Rhoemer's men, Kravitch. The Black Baton in this operation has to keep communication up between the surface and the subway, so Kravitch is left in charge up on the surface...if he's cut off then he has no way of warning Rhoemer that Gabe is coming. Gabe locates and eliminates Kravitch, also destroying his comm that he's taken care of two issues, he still has to get into the subway.

Underground Subway, Washington D.C.

He deals with more Black Baton and even assists some CBDC agents in a firefight before he gets the power back on and proceeds deep into the subway station. Gabe's arrival goes unnoticed for the moment, as all the men are patroling this level of the Subway station with full arms. Gabe tries as much stealth as he can but eventually resorts to taking them out by force...until the coast is clear and he discovers another Viral Bomb. Because CBDC is still on the surface, he has to plant a beacon for now and instead goes down further in persuit of Rhoemer. After killing more men he comes across the bomb at last...but this one has a shorter timer, and he has no choice but to run for it. Immediately the subway collapses in flames and Rhoemer as well as Girdeux and Aramov are no where in sight.

Destroyed Subway, Washington D.C.

Even after an explosion like that they continue to fight, as the Black Baton encounters Gabe throughout his escape from the subway. Only they fail in death and he manages to get to the second viral bomb, and has CBDC deactivate it (while providing coverfire). With the viral bomb taken care of, he still has to locate Rhoemer and the Gabe makes his way further into the destroyed subway until he hears trains again...which means part of the subway still works!

Main Subway Line, Washington D.C.

Right off the bat he locates Mara, whom makes a run for it down the subway. Gabe persues her while dodging trains and killing Black Baton, until finally he lands a shot to her head (that doesn't kill her but merely wounds her) and she fails to give him any useful information. Gabe leaves her unconsious in the subway and proceeds to the streets, where he gets a call that Jenkin's team is getting slaughtered in the Washington Park. Gabe makes his way there immediately, rolling through traffic as he gets there.

Washington Park, Washington D.C.



Main Members

Erich Rhoemer - Leader/International Terrorist

The Main antagonist for the first Syphon Filter, he leads the Black Baton in various terrorist attacks. He also persues the viral labs for Syphon Filter and the missile silos so that he may fire them off, starting a third world war.

Mara Aramov - Expert Assassin

A sly but intelligent woman whom manipulates her way out of any situation. Behind this, she is a coldblooded killer whom will ally herself with anyone to survive...and shows little to no remorse for her fallen comrades.

Anton Girdeux - Munitions Expert

A man whose fascination with war can only be rivaled by his use of a flame thrower. He is a very sadistic man (seen when he laughs after setting Gabe on fire) and also appears to be a pyromaniac. He wields his torch wherever he goes and burns anything in his path, leading a team of Black Baton to plant viral bombs all throughout Washington Park. He also appears to be fairly strong, carrying a very large flamethrower and still wearing bulky full-body armor.

Pavel Kravitch - Communications Expert

The Communications Expert. Cautious in battle, he stayed above ground during the attack while the many Black Baton took care of the fighting outside.

Jorge Marcos - Triggerman

Triggerman for the bombs, when given the order at the end of one hour he would detonate the bombs after everyone had evacuated. He's cowardly and when cut off, he chooses to run rather than fight.

Vladislav Gabrek - Commander of Rhoemer's Base

Commander of Rhoemer's Base and the main leader for the men that work there. Not much is known about his personality, but it is assumed he has extensive combat training and is well guarded at all times.

Types of Soldier's

The first type of soldier the player face's is the standard terrorist. The standard terrorist's weapons include 9mm Handguns ( see 9mm Handgun ) M16's Snipers and shotguns . You shouldn't have much of a problem with these men they have the worst accuracy of them all. The next you encounter is the snow terrorist , these guys are very threatening because they are armed with Snipers , pk 102's , k3g4's and other weapons . The next type is a monk ,these guys aren't trouble they have the same weapons as the other terrorist's but they arent as deadly as the snow terrorist. The final ones are Rhomer's terrorist group they are the toughest as they have all the weapons above and they all wear flak jacket's . ( note these are all from syphon filter 1 )



All information thus far provided by TVthePunisher. >=D TVthePunisher 10:02, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

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