Gabe Logan: "I found the devices... uploading now."

Lian Xing: "Gabe... trouble! 3 black vans just pulled up to the front of the Casino!"

Gabe Logan: "More thugs?"

Lian Xing: "No... these guys are better prepared. Get out now!"

Gabe Logan: "Pick me up out front... and leave the car running."

Konigsberg Security: "Mis... Mister Touchstone! Mr. Yavlinsky is currently dealing with a crisis, but if you'd like to wa-"

Touchstone: "Eliminate everyone. That information must not leave the casino. Yavlinsky's failure will be expensive... for all of us, but mostly him."

'Blood Money' is the 17th mission of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. Upon entering the casino, Gabe must find the MI6 recording equipment and transmit the data to Lian, before leaving the facility.


  • Gabe Logan (playable)
  • Lian Xing (heard on radio)
  • Konigsberg Security (K.I.A.)
  • Touchstone (seen in cutscene)
  • Viktor Yavlinsky (K.I.A., mentioned)
  • Mara Aramov (mentioned)

Plot synopsis

Infiltrating the main casino, Gabe fights his way through waves of security personnel, and then Yavlinsky himself. He then locates a couple of recording instruments deployed by MI6 inside the main casino. He finds a computer room and transmits the information to Lian, at which point he hears her report that something is going on. Inside the main casino, a group of Red Section guards appear and start terminating all the personnel present. Touchstone shows up and kills a security guard before the latter can talk. He tells his men to sweep up the area and eliminate any survivors. Gabe takes down the troops after Touchstone leaves, and then exits the casino, his mission complete.

Hidden Evidence

1: At the beginning, you will see Yavlinsky in a room. Diffuse the mines, knife him and access the door beyond the dead end. On the table is the first file.

2: At the area where you can see a few jackets hung up on the wall, one jacket will contain the second file.

3: Before knifing Yavlinsky, overhear his conversation for a few minutes. He will surrender a code if you listen long enough: memorise it. Take him down when he finishes talking and search the room for a calculator with a combination on it: remember this as well. Opposite the room Yavlinsky is in, you should see a door. Open it with the code you overheard from him. Follow this path to a safe, and use the combination on his calculator to access it. The final file is inside.


  • This mission can play out in one of two ways depending on how the player completed 'Fist Full of Rubles' - enemies will either be alerted or Gabe will be in stealth. In this regard it is similar to a Logan's Shadow mission - 'Trinidad'.
  • This mission is the only one in 'Dark Mirror' to contain 2 codes - one for a door and the other for a safe.
  • The name of this mission refers to money that is paid to a traitor.
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