C5 Galaxy Transport is a level in Syphon Filter 3, continuing from where Costa Rican Plantation left off. Gabe defies orders from Benton to settle a personal score with Rhoemer, unaware that the enemy was working with his superior.


  • This mission is very similar to 'Finale' in that the player is required to use a specific weapon to defeat the boss, in this case a USAS-12.
  • This mission is possibly the shortest in Syphon Filter 3.
  • The mission is very similar to Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain because both involve Gabe defying orders from a superior in order to pursue his own agenda. In both cases, he also finds that his boss (Benton in this case, Birchim in The Omega Strain) was involved in corruption (Benton was a mole, Birchim was being bribed).
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