Stone. You've got trouble. I've got an ID on those uniforms. Chechen Democratic Partisans. May not sound like much. But the CDP are made of ex-Spetsnaz, KGB and all Soviet hardliners. A mixed crowd. All fanatics.

Teresa Lipan explains the CDP to Stone

The CDP (Chechnya Democratic Partizans) was one of the main antagonistic organization in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain.


In 1974, Mikhas Ivankov, recognised as a potential officer candidate, was admitted into a Russian officer training institute. By 1978 he was a fully fledged lieutenant given command of front line troops during the Soviet-Afghan conflict.

In 1990, Milkhail Pulikovsky recruited Tekla Dobranski into the group. A year later, Ivankov tendered his resignation to the armed forces and established the CDP, consisting of a substantial quantity of ex-Spetsnaz personnel, KGB thugs and Soviet hardliners.

The CDP was first involved in The Omega Strain when Ivankov ordered Zhidkov to shut down Niculescu's operations, one of them being a mill in Krivorozhstal, which was in Mazyr, Belarus. Zhidkov orchestrated an ambush, with mill employees gunned down by soldiers hiding in train carriages. Vladimir then ordered for the stack explosives to be deployed, for the machines to be set to overload and for the workers to be hunted down. He also told Dobranski Ivankov decided against renewing his contract. He had men take the foreman back to his office and torture him to open a safe containing shipping documents, with orders to kill Dobranski if he did not comply with instructions, but the man plotted to do so anyway when he had the safe open.

The IPCA got wind of the circumstance and dropped a team into the area. They did battle against the CDP, sabotaging the entire operation to destroy the mill. Realising that all was lost when his objectives failed, Zhidkov attempted to escape but ironically killed himself when his train ran over an explosive on the tracks.

The next IPCA operation to further demoralise the CDP went awry from the outset. Attempting to trace the origin of cattle from Dobranski's documents, Stone and Alima were flying to a 'White Tower' when a SMAW missile struck their copter. Haddad was captured alive but Stone eluded patrols. He later stormed a chateau where the pilot was presumably being held as a one-man army and attempted to rescue her, only to be caught himself. Meanwhile, the team of agents were tasked with dismantling the CDP operation by performing various tasks, such as destroying the power substation and communications truck, disabling the AA tower, as well as similar objectives.

The operatives were later alerted to Stone's disappearance and hurried to rescue him. In the process, Pulikovsky was killed in an intense firefight with Stone and the agents. A Soviet T-72 main battle tank that guarded the chateau quadrangle was destroyed, with Ivankov's papers recovered from the structure.

List of Members

Mikhas Ivankov Mikhail Pulikovsky Yushchenko Vladimir Zhidkov2
Mikhas Ivankov Mikhail Pulikovsky Anatoly Yuschenko Vladimir Zhidkov
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