Calico M-950

III (Helico pistol-M950)


IV (Helico pistol-M950)

Magazine/ Capacity

50 (Helico pistol-M950)

Max Rounds

150 (50 / 100) - Helico pistol-M950

200 (50 / 150) - Helico pistol-M950

30 (10 / 20) - Calico HE (Dark Mirror)

50 (10 / 40) - Calico HE (Logan's Shadow)


9x19mm Parabellum (Helico pistol-M950)


Helico pistol-M950


Syphon Filter The Omega Strain

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

This exotic looking weapon has the largest magazine capacity of any pistol. The magazine is a helical tube inserted along the top of the weapon. Spent casing are ejected through the weapon's bottom. It has a compensator to help reduce recoil and it can be held with two hands to increase accuracy.

—Omega Strain Equipment Screen Description

The Calico M-950 was initially included in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain's Beta Version as the Helico pistol-M950, an exotic Auxiliary pistol with a high capacity magazine. The weapon is fired in a slow and controllable form of automatic fire and is suitable for close range combat. Just like it's "sister" (the Calico M-960AS) this weapon is Auxiliary and carried like a conventional Submachine Gun.

During the definitive versions of Omega Strain the weapon was not "officially" included and as such cannot be normally encountered, unlocked or used by typical means.

This Beta Weapon can be normally used in game by using the Magic Box Trick (which, in this particular case won't work for every version of the game). Alternatively, commercial Cheat Devices can be used to allow players to choose this weapon in the Mission Equipment Selection Menu (in every game version).

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror / Logan's Shadow

The Calico HE fires highly-explosive rounds that detonate upon impact with the target. Once detonation occurs, anybody caught within a 10 foot radius of the blast will take damage.

—Dark Mirror Inventory Screen Description

A fictional variant of the Calico M-950 was included in the PSP installments as the Calico HE. This specific version fires High Explosive (HE) rounds which detonate on impact, inflicting heavy damage and causing a small splash-effect (which damages everyone in the blast radius). In terms of appearance, the weapon model is essentially the same as the Helico pistol-M950 included in Omega Strain.

This weapon is an unlockable in both Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow titles by respectively receiving the Third (Dark Mirror) and Forth (Logan's Shadow) Survival Specialist Career Ratings.

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