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I'm headin' into the subway after Broussard. Stay on task and keep your head down. No one dies on my watch! Got that?

Imani Gray, Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone is the first mission of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (ignoring the training course). As a rogue agent of the IPCA, "Cobra", one must battle numerous waves of terrorists who invaded a secure location in Carthage, Michigan, where the local authorities are also fighting them. The player has to protect CHA officers while collecting samples, and then scan them to download the data. Eventually, the player is tasked with entering the subway and neutralising one of a few leaders of the terrorist group, initially known simply as the ALA.


  • Cobra (playable)
  • Imani Gray (seen in cutscenes)
  • Richard Broussard (seen and mentioned in cutscenes)
  • Lawrence Mujari (seen and mentioned in cutscenes)
  • Teresa LIpan (seen in cutscenes)
  • Gary Stoneman (seen in cutscenes)
  • Alima Haddad (seen in cutscenes)
  • Lian Xing (seen in cutscenes)
  • Gabe Logan (seen in cutscenes)
  • Mara Aramov (seen in cutscenes)
  • Mihai Niculescu (seen in cutscenes)
  • Mikhas Ivankov (seen in cutscenes)


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The limiting factor for par in this particular mission is simply to take down enemies quickly. Map knowledge is also crucial, but weapons are just as important. So select something with high accuracy.

Recommended weapons:

Weapon slot Likely Moderate Best
Back AU300 Mod-SMG* C8 rifle
Sidearm 92F PPK Mk 23 SD
Auxiliary Scorpion* Biz-9 SSP 90
Grenade Smoke grenade Smoke grenade Smoke grenade
Melee Stun Jack Stun Jack Stun Jack

*The asterisk indicates a primary weapon

1) Run to your right, rifle anyone who appears in this general area (some are near the truck) until you get objective complete on protecting the officer. 

2) In the corner to your left, near the dumpster, is a puddle of water,and above the dumpster is a ladder. 

3) Jump up on the dumpster and climb the ladder. Follow this platform to a door. Go in the door and shoot the lock to the door on your left.

4) QUICKLY go inside this door and grab the bio-data gear from one of the crates.

(*) If you take too long, a CHA officer will come by here and start shooting at you - stun him. 

5) Back outside, fall/climb down (the fall doesn't do too much damage) and grab a sample from the water puddle. Turn around and run past EVERYONE to the other end of this area (left from where you started). Basically, you're going on the other side of the large truck.

6) Shoot the glass ahead of you and climb yourself up in to the mall. Shoot the guy that approaches you and go down the stairs.

7) Shoot the guy at the bottom of the stairs and turn left to shoot another guy.. Yet a third guy comes from the right a ways up. Take him out and go right where he came from.

(*) Ignore the C4 trigger man. 

8) Get a sample from the water fountain on your left. Turn the corner to the left and shoot the guy, then continue forward and turn right

9) Hug the left side of the mall here to avoid the C4 blast, then kill the trigger man.

10) Run past the trigger man and head up the stairs. Shoot the glass and kill the 2 guys behind the fountain.

11) Go inside the building behind the fountain - one enemy comes from the far left side door, then another from the right side. Take both enemies out to rescue these 2 officers.

12) Run back outside and collect sample from the water fountain. Facing the fountain, turn left and go into the door. Decontaminate, enter, and roll right to stun jack the CHA officer.

13) Get the tissue sample from the body on the table and leave this place again (decontaminate and go back outside to the fountain).

14) Head for the opposite end of this area (would have been right facing the fountain) and roll into the pipe.

15) Crawl through the pipe, pop out, then head forward to the end here and crawl through the pipe on your left to the next area.

16) Head to the end of this room (right, then left, then left), and test the scanner. It doesn't have power!

17) Run back and make a right turn into the open area. Flip on the power generator.

18) Go back to scan the sample. You now have 1 minute to protect baddies from shooting up the power generator. They mostly come from the roof to the left of the generator.

(*) If you want, you can leave when there is 10 seconds left on your countdown. The guys will shoot it, but not destroy it in time - you'll get objective and shave some time off par.

19) Head left back towards scanner, but roll in the nearby tube on the wall instead. In the new area, there's another officer. Shoot everyone that shows up until he is saved, then make your way to the opposite end of this area.

20) Roll through the pipe on your right here, and when you exit you will have to shoot 2 people to save another officer. Near where you came out is a fire hydrant - get a sample.

(*) You can actually just shoot the car ahead of you from inside the pipe, and

it will blow up and kill all of the people in the officer's way.

21) Back by where you came out, go down some stairs and hop up on the ledge on your right. Roll down into the underground.

22) In this hallway, crawl in the vent on your right, turn left and exit it to your right. Pop the 2 guys you can see that aren't looking - the 3rd guy runs away. Shoot him if you want...

23) Grab a sample from the fountain and head down the nearby stairs through 2 levels of the underground.

24) At the bottom of the stairs turn left and before you get near the large "booth", go in the room on your left (will have a grey-ish tone to the wall). You should soon see a stairway on your right (covered in darkness -turn on your flashlight!). Take it up.

25) At the end of the stairway, rifle the guy across the way. Jump up on the pipes and shimmy across. The people below are lousy aims. Don't worry about all their fire.

26) Drop down when you get across, and near the guy you just popped is a power switch on the left (inside a gated area) - flip it. Now the voltage of the tracks won't make you resemble crispy fried chicken.

27) Enter the nearby area and follow the stairs down. Drop down and then hop over to the first set of tracks. Head left into the loooong dark tunnel. Turn on your NVG and just keep running!

28) In the new area, head up the stairs on either side. Pop the nearby guy at the top, then continue up the stairs. You'll need to keep your NVG on.

29) Hug the left side of this area. Go just slightly past the "ticket gate". Proust is behind the "vendor stand" on the left - snipe him!


Normal mode

Cobra:  Broussard's computer, Proust, CHA officer 1

Python: Water valve, C4, CHA officer 1

Viper:  Collects samples

Dragon: CHA officers, power generator

Cobra:  Protect the first CHA officer with Python. When he's out of danger, get the C4 with help from Python. (Python should lift you up) After obtaining the C4, go wait by the bank entrance so you can grab the laptop when Python turns the water on. That done, go get Proust.

Python: Stay at the starting area and watch over the first CHA officer with Cobra.  When the threat is clear, help Cobra get the C4  After lifting up Cobra, run over to the water valve. Wait for Cobra's signal (or check the map) then turn the water on.

Viper:  At the start, go directly for the Bio-Data gear. Grab it and start collecting the water samples; also get the tissue sample on the way. Scan the tissue sample; Dragon should be there to protect the power generator, so move on and collect the last 2 water samples.

Dragon: At the start, head left (underground) and go for the CHA officers at the water fountain; protect them. Go through the CHA tent and protect the next CHA officer. Turn the power generator on and watch it when Viper scans the tissue sample.

Speed par

Cobra: Autopsy, last 2 water samples (Hardest)

Python: CHA, power machine (Second hardest)

Viper: 1st CHA, water valve, 1st 3 water samples (Medium)

Dragon: 1st CHA, C4, Broussard's computer, Proust (Easiest)

Cobra: Role seems simple enough, but you're the limiting factor; this means that you CANNOT stop and kill anyone.  At the start, go directly for the Bio-Data Gear (of course you blow up the keypad). After that, you have to kill yourself.  Why...? Well, so you'll respawn at the beginning, saving you a LOT of time.  After you are resurrected, run (NO stopping to fight!) directly for the CHA tent so you can perform the autopsy.  While in the decontamination process, start throwing around smoke grenades.  Once the door opens, run for the cadaver, and throw a smoke grenade on your way there; you CANNOT waste time (yes, that 1 second) to KO the CHA officer.  Hustle to the tissue scanner and scan the sample.  Leave the scanner, save the 1 CHA officer, and grab the last two water samples - You should be able to grab them BEFORE the 1 minute scanning time is up.

Python: At the start, break to the left and head to the underground mall where you'll make your way to the water fountain.  At the water fountain, kill the 1st two ALA terrorists there, but BEFORE you go into the building, open the door to the CHA tent - This will save Cobra a couple of seconds.  Save the CHA guys inside the building, and then save the other CHA guy (hurry!).  Turn on the power generator and defend it after Cobra initiates the scan.

Viper: Start by defending the 1st CHA officer; this is priority 1.  After he is safe, go lift Dragon up at the van so he can get the C4.  After that, run over to the water valve, and turn it on when Dragon gives you the signal.  Grab the Bio-Data Gear and collect the first 3 water sample - The one by the valve, the one at the drinking fountain, and the one at the water fountain

Dragon: Again, protecting the CHA officer is PRIORITY ONE. After he is safe, have Viper lift you up for the C4.  Grab the explosive, then position yourself in front of the bank so you can run in and grab the laptop when Viper turns the water off.  Once you grab the laptop, carry out the DPE order on Proust.


  • It is possible to complete this mission within solo par with only the Scorpion and Stun Jack.
  • If the player leaves an area where CHA officers are present and the heading 'CHA officer rescued' does not appear, the officer will automatically die.
  • If the player fires on the CHA officer with a lethal weapon and is not disguised with a uniform, the local authorities will return fire.
  • If the player acquires C4 from a building in the starting area using the jump glitch, he can get to Proust without having to go through the subway.
  • The jump glitch allows one single person to get Broussard's laptop without requiring a team mate. This can also be done in Yemen 2 (destroying the Scud missile) and Myanmar (collecting the flight black box).
  • This mission shares a few commonalities with Georgia Streets in Syphon Filter: the player must help HAZMAT-suited personnel battle terrorists; the player later enters a subway station; one traverses different areas; a train explodes and derails.
  • The keypad that blocks off the room with the bio-data gear can be bypassed by shooting it, with a silenced weapon attracting no attention and a non-silenced weapon alerting the CHA guard.


  • If the player uses the jump glitch to acquire Broussard's laptop, the "objective complete" message does not show up for some reason whatsoever.

General strategies and tactics

  • When you're at the tissue scanner, you can leave when there is 10 seconds left on your countdown. The guys will shoot it, but not destroy it in time - you'll get objective and shave some time off par.
  • When defending the same machine, you can toss a Sarin grenade at the rooftops surrounding your area.
  • Throw a gas grenade at Proust to instantly knock him down.


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