"In any other nation, you and I would aspire to be secretaries. But CSS is pragmatic. An agent is judged solely on their performance."

-Trinidad explains the CSS's ranking system to Lian

The Chinese Secret Service or Ministry of State Security is an organisation in Syphon Filter.


The CSS first trained Lian Xing Trinidad was her chief instructor, and Xing was sent on a mission to assassinate Qwan Tak, governor of Altay Mongolia, while Trinidad provided sniper support from a long distance. The operation was successful.

Fifteen years later Xing defected to the United States, where she became a member of the Agency, which was eventually reformed into the IPCA. This act forever tarnished Trinidad's reputation. She attempted in vain to

Notable members

  • Trinidad/ Leung Cha Qiao (Killed in action)
  • Lian Xing (Alive)
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