Heckler and Koch Close Assault Weapon System
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Magazine/ Capacity


Max Rounds

20 without ammunition bonus

30 with ammunition bonus


12 gauge


Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

The Close Assault Weapon System is a 12 gauge shotgun in Syphon Filter: Omega Strain

"This is a close combat weapon that uses specially developed ammunition. The shells are loaded with eight tungsten-steel alloy pellets, which penetrate 20mm of pine of 1.5mm of steel plate at its effective range. The great advantage of this weapon is fast fire rate."

-Description from Omega Strain

In game uses

This weapon is unlocked by acquiring the rank of Chief of Operations, and is rather powerful for a shotgun. Its clip size of 10 gives it an advantage over other weapons of its class; however its late unlock balances this. It is claimed to use 12 gauge rounds as ammunition, but cannot use said bullets from other shotguns. Armoured enemies can usually rip the player apart before one can get close enough to use this so they should be killed from a distance. The 'sniper' scope gives users a benefit, since it is designed for close to mid range combat. It can be temporarily equipped in the Minsk mission, where Foreman Jones is armed with it.


  • This is so far the only shotgun that has a sniper scope.
  • This weapon's name is mixed up with the G11. The former is referred to as the GAWS, while the latter, the C11. In fact, the GAWS should be the CAWS and the C11 should be the G11.
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