Colorado Train Race is the 7th mission in Syphon Filter 2.


Archer uses the helicopter to blow up the bridge to prevent Logan from reaching the crash site. Now Logan must reach the front of the train and try to stop it fast!

Mission Briefing

An oil tanker has been destroyed by an Agency Commando's grenade, splitting the train in two. You managed to jump clear of the explosion, but now you're facing worse news.

Archer has blown out a rail bridge ten miles ahead of the train's current position. You haven't got much time. You've got to stop the train before it reaches the gorge.


Simply put, you're timed on this stage and you need to get to the front fast. On hard difficulty, you're given 4 minutes but on normal, you have 8 minutes to reach the end. This is also a continuation from the previous mission.

Climb up the damaged boxcar, and kill the two agents. After jumping over two gaps between cars, you'll come across an open car with agents hiding behind crates and boxes. Take them out fast. Climb up the stack of tan boxes and jump over to the green boxcar roof. As soon as you clear two more cars, immeadiately dispose the agent throwing grenades at you. Continue running pass the stack of crates and climb up and jump onto the next car. Two more agents will attack so dispose of them. Two more agents will greet you as you reach the next car. The train will now enter the tunnel at that point. Watch out for an agent that attacks you from behind. Continue forward, shooting every agent hiding behind stacks of crates. Two guys will run and try and get off the train but dispose them if you wish.

Continue running down and shoot an agent hiding behind the box. Climb up the box. At this point the train would have exited the tunnel by now. Dispose three more agents and climb up the box. Now you're almost at the front of the train. Kill more agents while running up the front. There are a couple agents that will ambush you but can ignore them once you reach the front.

Logan makes it to the front of the train but he can't stop it. Fortunately, Lian shows up in a helicopter and manages to rescue Logan just before the train plunges into the gorge below.

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