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Dane Bishop is a supporting protagonist in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.

Bishop is a mercenary and private contractor formerly trained in the British Special Air Service (SAS) until his dismissal for inappropriate conduct while on assignment. His rebellious attitude and reputation for destroying or damaging property to achieve an objective led to the expulsion, and he undertook a solo endeavour by establishing his personal company, Dane Bishop Enterprises, to assist with marine salvage and, occassionally, combat operations.

Gabriel Logan was forced to contacted Bishop to render assistance with an investigation into the scuttled U.S.S. Mt. St. Helens due to the experience he possessed with such expeditions. As was the case when Gabe first decided to intervene during the assault on the vessel, Teresa Lipan possessed considerable reservations. Nevertheless, Bishop accompanied Logan inside the ship in search of courier codes belonging to the National Intelligence Oversight Committee (NIOC), and he was essential in helping to shut down the vessel's reactor.

Suspecting that Bishop desired to relive his old military career, Logan trusted him in confrontations with Spetsnaz soldiers under the command of Sergei Kudrenko. Logan and Bishop were able to escape from the Mt. St. Helens and a Russian sub with the information vital to the Agency's mission. Bishop later returned to the wreckage site to salvage a Russian Velo-5, something he deemed a 'jetpack of the ocean', which he had earlier sabotaged to prevent Surgeyev from fleeing the area.

Personality and characteristics

"I'm a tactile learner myself. A real, hands-on kinda guy."

Bishop possessed a rebellious character during his military stint and was highly destructive, constantly demolishing assets to achieve a goal. He was also a womaniser in dating Cassie and Teresa Lipan both at the same time. He does take some offense to being referred to as "Scottish", suggesting pride in his Australian heritage.[1]


  • He is a womaniser, as evidenced by a bonus mission where he recovers valuables.
  • In the fifth training mission there is a packet of Hidden Evidence that can be obtained which is a "Love Letter from Teresa" presumed to be written by Dane himself. Oddly the letter misspells Teresa's full name as "Theresa Lippan". It reads as follows:

Hidden Evidence
Love letter from Teresa. 'Oh I hope Bishop becomes IPCA's Underwater Dive Combat Instructor. That way I can be close to him every day. He's way more handsome than Gabe. I just love that rake!'

--Theresa 'Hot-lips' Lippan

Something tells me Teresa didn't write this letter. Maybe one of the recruits, but most likely Bishop.

--Gabe Logan


  1. Bishop, Dane and Trainee. "Training Mission 5: Water Training", Training Mode, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Trainee accidentally refers to Bishop as Scottish to which he angrily replies that he's Australian.
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