Markinson: Rhoemer is operating out of an old Soviet base in northern Kazakhstan. Our spy satellites have pin-pointed the exact location of his compound. The State Department must be able to tell the Kazakhstan Government that the United States had nothing to do with the operation... Your chopper will put you down one mile outside the base, just beyond the range of their long-range radar. Hopefully the blizzard will mask your approach. You will have to infiltrate on foot and disable their short range anti-aircraft guidance radar before EVAC.
Lian: Those look like long-range SS-23's.
Markinson: Yes, they're the reason I'm sending you. Before you set the timer, you need to find their missile stock piles, and retrieve the launch codes. We want to find out where he is getting them. You will be carrying several C4 charges, which you will plant on these fuel tanks. That should be enough explosive to take out whatever arms he is stockpiling. (he points to the monitor and a picture appears) This is Vladislav Gabrek, Rhoemer's Base Commander. He is personally in charge of security.
Lian: Contingency plan?
Markinson: If you fail, we'll have another chopper standing by, two klicks south.
Gabe: If I find Rhoemer?

Markinson: Eliminate him. The Destruction of Rhoemer's Base was a major conflict of Syphon Filter in which Gabe Logan sabotaged operations on a compound owned by Black Baton. The entire area was decimated by explosives which Logan planted.

Despite Gabe's success, Lian Xing was captured and 'killed' by Rhoemer; it later transpired she was alive but infected with the virus. Black Baton suffered significant losses, including the death of Gabrek and the destruction of an attack helicopter.



Deploying explosive charges

Killing Gabrek

Sabotaging motion sensors

Cataloging missiles

Reaching the roof

Sabotaging the radar

Destroying the copter

Escaping from the base


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