Dimitri Alexopolous is a main antagonist in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Though doing no significant thing to actually excerbate the protagonists, it is his future actions that put him on the Agency's DPE order.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

He is seen in the Italy mission, in which he and his Cosa Nostra thugs attempt to use bio-weapons for family business; however, Logan disapproves of this, and sends the hardened veteran Gary Stoneman to neutralise Dimitri.

After dealing with a few mafia henchmen, and planting a diversionary explosive, Stone sneaks to the sniping position and overhears Dimitri talking to a guard about the ceremony (which was 'beautiful'); they then change topics and converse about business with the Russians. The patrol replies that 'everything went well', although there were 'some complications with the package', adding that 'some workers got sick'. Dimitri tells him that he was never told about the complications, and invites the guard to his villa, in order to talk further about it. He never made it back to his villa, of course, because Stone shot him at 3.00 PM, using the tone of the bell to silence his shot.

Upon dropping his target, Stone detonates the C4 and rushes back to the extraction point.

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