(No DPE on Heng Su or Nigel Cummings.)
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*Andre Francois Proust
*Andre Francois Proust
*Than Muang
*Than Muang
*Anatoly Yushchenko
*Anatoly Yushchenko
*Askar Saydahmat
*Askar Saydahmat
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*Ahmed Salim Fadhil (Possibly K.I.A.)
*Ahmed Salim Fadhil (Possibly K.I.A.)
*Thae-bok Jon
*Thae-bok Jon
*Nigel Cummings
*Dosbol Samaev
*Dosbol Samaev
*Iwao Ryusaki
*Iwao Ryusaki
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*Fahid Tamer
*Fahid Tamer
*Black Viper
*Black Viper
*White Scorpion
*White Scorpion

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A DPE on Dimitri Alexopoulos

A DPE (Discrete Personnel Elimination) is an order that a certain HVT (High Value Target) be neutralised.


The DPE is first seen in Syphon Filter: Omega Strain's Zeus Files. This encloses a command for neutralisation upon targets who have planned anything that would endanger the general population.

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A DPE list completed by Gary Stoneman

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The policies for a DPE

Because a DPE could potentially result in collateral damage, each target must have at least 3 methods to ensure that only the intended person, and nobody else, is killed.

Notable HVTs

  • Red Jack
  • Anton Girdeaux
  • Pavel Kravitch
  • Edward Benton
  • Mikhas Ivankov
  • Erich Rhoemer
    Pcsx2-r3113 2010-08-14 03-16-56-25

    A DPE on Aaskar Saydahmat, alongside a dossier for him and Dosbol Samaev

  • Elsa Weissenger
  • Vladislav Gabrek
  • Jorge Luis Marcos
  • Grant Morrill/ 'Singularity'
  • Stuart Coleman/ Franklin Baxter/ 'Touchstone'
  • Mikhail Pulikovsky
  • Vladimir Zhidkov
  • Viktor Yavlinsky
  • Soren Philippe Masson/ 'The Hawk'
  • Leung Cha Qiao/ 'Trinidad'
  • Dimitri Volgt Alexopolous
  • Sergei Kudrenko
  • Ghassan al-Bitar
  • Andre Francois Proust
  • Than Muang
  • Anatoly Yushchenko
  • Askar Saydahmat
  • Zayed Al Dhahiri
  • Black King
  • Jean Louis Fournier
  • Richard Kress
  • Ahmed Salim Fadhil (Possibly K.I.A.)
  • Thae-bok Jon
  • Dosbol Samaev
  • Iwao Ryusaki
  • Sok-ju Yang
  • Walid Abdul Khorsh
  • Goran Zivmovic
  • Korin Matsua
  • Jimmy Zhou
  • Malak
  • Fahid Tamer
  • Sergeyev
  • Black Viper
  • White Scorpion
  • Mara Aramov
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