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For the mission with the exact same name in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, see Drowning (Logan's Shadow).

Lian Xing: "Hold still, I don't want to cut you."

Blake Hargrove: "Agh! Get away from me!"

Lian Xing: "Hey, get back here! Shit. Gabe, I found Blake, but she ran off."

Gabe Logan: "I'll track her down. Keep after Singularity."

Lian Xing: "On it. Xing out."


Use your knife on the trio of soldiers here, and swap your machine pistol for their magnum. Grab whatever ammo you can find, and head out the door. Use gas darts to silently waste the duo in front - this will conserve flak jackets and maintain your stealth. Once done, enter the next room.

You must now rescue Blake from the pool. A pair of enemies will snipe you from a lower floor room to the east. Kill them, and drop onto the bridge. Head across, being aware of another two goons that rush out from a doorway just in front. Blast them away by shooting an explosive tank close to either.

Use the zipline and ride it to the lower level. Take out anybody who threatens you and ride the RTL. When you drop down, go to the ladder and slide down. Neutralise any enemies you encounter and get ammo from their bodies. When the coast is clear, descend the ramp and turn the two wheels to drain the water. Approach Blake and free her.

After this cutscene, another wave of enemies will assault you. Counter them by ascending the ramp and moving away from them as you snipe them. Get the ammo you need and go towards the computer room. An EM-armoured guard will confront you, along with a few normal soldiers. Kill the latter and reserve your EDT darts for the anti-static enemy. Shoot him until his health is drained. Collect his RPK and the EMP grenades here, then refill your ammo. Head towards the computer room when you're done.

A new group of enemies will spawn here, so take them down. You can either snipe each computer screen or toss EMP grenades at them. When there are less than 5 left, yet more opposition announces their presence. Remember to take down the grunts first before focusing on the AS guards. Destroying all the computers will end the mission, regardless of whether enemies are still alive.

Hidden Evidence

  • The first two are inside the room that you access after using the AZL: there's one on each desk.
  • Before destroying EVERY computer in the last room, approach the front ones and search them.


  • On the PSP version of this mission, there is a timer that players must stop to rescue Blake, but on the Vita, one can spend as much time as one desires to complete this objective.
  • This is the second and last mission where the player assumes Lian's role.