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For the mission with the exact same name in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, see Drowning (Dark Mirror).

Gabe Logan: "Where's your sub?"

Dane Bishop: "It was docked right here! Shock waves must have knocked its mooring loose."

Gabe Logan: "Let's go. It can't be far."

"Drowning" is the eighth mission of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Upon completing their mission in the St. Helens wreckage, Gabe and Bishop attempt to escape, but are intercepted. Spetsnaz divers and a submarine attack them.


  • Gabe Logan (playable)
  • Dane Bishop
  • Spetsnaz submarine commander (KIA)

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

Exiting the reactor room, Gabe Logan and Dane Bishop attempt to rendezvous with the latter's submarine. Bishop comments that he parked it somewhere but shock waves knocked it away.

While attempting to find the submarine, the duo are assaulted by Spetsnaz divers. Gabe covers Bishop and eventually they locate the craft. However, its oxygen tanks are damaged, and Logan must find a replacement valve. He finds one from a crashed helicopter, the same one that Alima was flying earlier on.

Upon repairing the submarine, Bishop remarks that a submarine is stalking them. Since Logan's weapons are useless against it, Dane advises Gabe to shoot the depth charges being dropped by Fifth Fleet. Gabe does so, and each time the submarine is disabled, he rips out its components. Eventually, he wears the Spetsnaz down, and the submarine crashes into the seabed, where sea mines destroy it.

With the mission complete, Gabe tells Bishop to take them into the drift, and radioes Teresa to tell her they are heading home.

Hidden Evidence

  • In the same place as the first hidden evidence in Episode 2, Part 1.
  • After finding the minisub, look around there, it should be 1 meter away from the craft. Use EDSU to help.
  • Go to the wrecked ship, close to the area where you knocked on the panel for Bishop to drill through in Episode 2, Part 1. Turn around and there will be a lone structure with a door in the centre. Enter through and grab the item inside.