Ehud Ben Zohar is a Mossad agent in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

After determining that Yushchenko is planning to sell the virus to Fatha al-Hassan, who is running a brutal regime in Yemen, Gabe sends "Cobra" to Yemen despite Lian's protests. Zohar disguises the agent as a 'commoner' and asks the recruit to run errands for him. He disappears for most of the mission but later appears in the arms bazaar, dual-wielding Desert Sniper pistols. The agent is tasked with recovering his explosives and handing them to him, which is eventually completed. Zohar plants the bomb and waits for Yushchenko's armoured convoy. Despite improvising the explosives significantly, the antagonists are unharmed due to their insurance policy of using armour-plated vehicles. Cobra chases Yushchenko, as well as his bodyguards, and kills them. Zohar congratulates him, but says that the enemy has no containers on him.

Zohar and the recruit later enter the Taherir palace disguised as the Chechens. While the former assassinates al-Hassan, the latter, whose weapons were removed, kills the palace security and recovers his guns. Upon heading towards the palace balcony, the recruit gets radio frequencies indicating that Zohar is under fire, forcing the former to deal with enemies attacking the latter, as well as more guards attempting to kill the agent. However, Zohar retrieves the weapons contracts unharmed and a helicopter arrives, with Stone inside. The latter tells the former that Gabe sent him in case Zohar tried to trick the Agency, and later both exchange the virus for the contracts. Zohar is never seen again after that but can be heard giving the recruit a commendation and medal.


  • Players are allowed to dual-wield their pistols of choice after they make sure Zohar survives in Yemen 2.
  • If players allow him to get killed in Yemen 2, he still somehow appears perfectly fine in the copter when the mission ends, regardless of whether or not the player physically entered this vehicle. This was probably done for storyline purposes.
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