Escape from Mackenzie Air Force Base
Previous conflict Showdown with Erich Rhoemer
Concurrent conflict (s) Search for the Data Discs
Next conflict Second PHARCOM Investigation
Location Mackenzie Air Force Base
  • Holman interrogated and wounded in action
  • Jonathan Phagan, Mr Cochran and Derrek Falkan killed in action
  • Agency failed to carpet bomb Colorado Mountains with Sarin nerve agent
  • Lian Xing hijacks a Blackhawk and meets with Gabe Logan
  • The Agency
  • United States Air Force
  • Unknown
  • Lyle Stevens
  • Unknown
  • United States Air Force personnel
  • Carter
  • Thomas Holman
  • Derrek Falkan
  • Unnamed airman
  • Doctor
  • Lian Xing
  • Derrek Falkan
  • Jonathan Phagan
  • Mr Cochran
  • Two fighter pilots
  • Dobson

The Escape from Mackenzie Air Force Base was a major conflict of Syphon Filter 2 in which Lian Xing endeavoured to flee from the Agency's custody.

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