Finale is the last mission in Syphon Filter 2. In this stage, Logan learns that Chance was a member of the Agency and now he has to kill Chance as a revenge for "killing" Teresa Lipan.


Mission Briefing


Well this is it, a showdown with Chance and you wanna know how to beat him?

Chance has full body armor and you can't harm him with any weapons (that includes grenades and the M-79 grenade launcher). You also need to get out of firing range as Chance will hit you with his UAS-12 shotgun.

A cutscene will show Gabe running to the door leading to the stairs with Chance chasing him. Right when the stage begins, don't run forward as this is where Chance will come at you. Turn right and exit the stairway. Now, there are tips you need to consider while fighting him:

  1. Do not run, as Chance can hit you dead on. Just constantly roll to decrease the chance of getting hit.
  2. Avoid the tail rotor of the helicopter as it will mince you.
  3. Never duck behind the cars as Chance will blow them up.
  4. Roll under the helicopter for fast evasion.
  5. Don't use grenades or M-79 grenade launcher as you can accidentally blow up the helicopter resulting a mission failure.

Once you get these ideas down, you need to grab the UAS-12 shotgun from the helicopter (and some Flak Jacket armor if low on health). Next lure Chance until he's between you and the tail rotor. Once that's done, fire at Chance until he gets minced by the tail rotor and you beaten the game!


  • Don't destroy the helicopter.


  • This is the only stage where you get to use the UAS-12 shotgun. Oddly enough, Chance also wields this shotgun for the fight.
  • Even though Chance wears full body armor like Unit One enemies, you can't kill the guy using an M-79.
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