Lian: Phagan is hosting a reception at his exhibition center in New York tonight. I've tapped into their security files and accessed blueprints of the entire building.

Gabe: Phagan doesn't know who I am. I'll go as a guest and plant a remote wire on him. If there's a connection, I'll find it.

Markinson: Alright. Report back to me in 24 hours. But this is not a standard intercept and eliminate operation. If Phagan is involved with Rhoemer, I want them both taken alive. If you do find a mole, eliminate him. The First PHARCOM Investigation was a major confrontation of Syphon Filter in which Gabe Logan attempted to find the link between Phagan and Rhoemer.



With his assault on Washington failed, Rhoemer retreats from the United States and the Agency is given some breathing room. Lian briefs Gabe and Markinson, telling them she analysed blood samples from Rhoemer's thugs. The liquid contained compounds similar to those extracted from the plants which were grown in Rhoemer's Costa Rican plantation. The compounds were patented by a multinational corporation called PHARCOM. Confirming with their contact in the World Health Organisation, Lian finds out PHARCOM is also coordinating the WHO's efforts to trace the worldwide viral outbreaks.

Gabe muses that Rhoemer cannot possibly be sophisticated enough to run the kind of operation Lian describes. He must have a huge base of operations somewhere and asks Lian who funds him. Markinson tells him PHARCOM was already investigated and the final report was inconclusive. Gabe asks who filed that report and takes a stab - Benton: the man who coordinated the botched raid in Costa Rica and who got Jenkins' entire team killed. He asks where Benton is and Markinson tells him he is on leave. Gabe decides to

Shadowing Jonathan Phagan

Engaging Edward Benton

Finding security keycards

Capturing Mara Aramov and Jonathan Phagan


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