Fist Full of Rubles
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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Konigsberg Casino: Insertion Point Alpha


The Trojan Horse


Blood Money


Gabe Logan


Obtain Viktor Yavlinsky's fingerprint

Gain access to main casino

Obtain security keycard

Avoid collateral damage


Casino security personnel

Petr Lopatin


Mak-10 .45 ACP

Desert Sniper .357

Shot Defender

Laser mines

Lian Xing: "The Konigsberg casino is run by Viktor Yavlinsky."

Gabe Logan: "Russian Mafia."

Lian Xing: "MI6 has been monitoring them for months."

Gabe Logan: "I've seen him before... Red Section."

Lian Xing: "The one on the right is code-named Touchstone. So far as we can tell, he's head of Red Section security, an elite branch within the org. We think the man on the right might be the leader."

Gabe Logan: "What's their connection with Yavlinsky?"

Lian Xing: "We don't know. An MI6 mole has planted several of these throughout the casino. They're short on intel to launch their own op, but they're willing to let us do it, if we want to take the risk."

Gabe Logan: "We can't wait. Tell 'em we'll do it."


  • The name of this mission refers to a fist filled with Russian rubles.
  • This mission, along with Goodnight Sweetheart, Finding Freeman and Birds of a Feather, are the only Dark Mirror missions that can totally be completed with stealth.
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