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'''Red Section soldier''': ''"He can't get past all of us!"''
'''Red Section soldier''': ''"He can't get past all of us!"''
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Freeman's Answer

Previous level

Kreisler's Garden

Next level

Old Friends


Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror


Gabe Logan


Internal Presidential Consulting Agency

Weapons in mission


Laser mines

EMP grenades


KemSynth Petroleum, Alaska: Pipeline Substation


Rescue Malcolm Freeman

Keep Lian alive

Eliminate Black King


Red Section soldiers

Black King

Lian Xing: "Gabe!"

Red Section soldier: "He's up here!"

Gabe Logan: "Lian! You ok?"

Lian Xing: "Barely... Thank God you made it!"

Gabe Logan: "What's the situation? How many are there?"

Lian Xing: "2 dozen, maybe more... All between us and Freeman. Black King is holding him on the east floor."

Gabe Logan: "Black King?"

Lian Xing: "Their commander. He's lined the east floor with explosives and claims that he's wired into them directly!... They're not going to surrender."

Gabe Logan: "I never thought they would... I'm going to work my way down to Freeman. When I yell for cover, you pin them down. Then I'll move."

Red Section soldier: "He can't get past all of us!"