For the similarly named level, see Freeman's Files.

Freeman's Answer

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Kreisler's Garden

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Old Friends


Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror


Gabe Logan


Internal Presidential Consulting Agency

Weapons in mission


Laser mines

EMP grenades


KemSynth Petroleum, Alaska: Pipeline Substation


Rescue Malcolm Freeman

Keep Lian alive

Eliminate Black King


Red Section soldiers

Black King

Lian Xing: "Gabe!"
Red Section soldier: "He's up here!"
Gabe Logan: "Lian! You ok?"
Lian Xing: "Barely... Thank God you made it!"
Gabe Logan: "What's the situation? How many are there?"
Lian Xing: "2 dozen, maybe more... All between us and Freeman. Black King is holding him on the east floor."
Gabe Logan: "Black King?"
Lian Xing: "Their commander. He's lined the east floor with explosives and claims that he's wired into them directly!... They're not going to surrender."
Gabe Logan: "I never thought they would... I'm going to work my way down to Freeman. When I yell for cover, you pin them down. Then I'll move."
Red Section soldier: "He can't get past all of us!"


You begin this mission next to Lian. Instantly snap to cover against the wall and use the explosive darts to kill the turret enemy. If done properly, this will render the weapon useless. Take down the others who rush in, and then unsnap from this surface. Use the RTL to access the second platform. Enter the door to your left, where you'll find EMP grenades and a flak jacket.

Exit from this room and use the ladder to slide to the lower level. Enemies will hurry towards you. Drop them and keep advancing.

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