The G-18 is a fully automatic machine pistol featured in all three games of the Syphon Filter trilogy.

G18G18 corrected
Machine pistol




Magazine/ Capacity


Max Rounds

198 (33 plus 165)




The G-18 is based on the real-life Glock 18, a fully automatic pistol created in Austria. While not very popular with real military units for its high recoil and rate of fire, it is among the deadliest weapons in the Syphon Filter franchise, allowing quick headshots in distanced fights or being able to tear through a Flak Jacketed enemy and kill them with a single magazine in less than a second. However, its reload time is slower than most other guns in the game and its high rate of fire mean that it runs out of ammo extremely quickly, requiring users to carefully monitor their ammo.


  • Like the K3G4 and any other weapons with a blistering rate of fire, watch your ammo consumption carefully otherwise you will be left helpless during a reload.
  • The G-18 is great for close quarters if you have no other option. Using auto-aiming while rolling past an enemy is a viable strategy.


  • Very high rate of fire
  • Headshots are easier if players are careful


  • Reload animations are sluggish
  • Only effective at close quarters unless burst firing
  • Low damage output


  • The G-18, along with the H11/C11, has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the Syphon Filter series.
  • It is the only weapon in the game to be classified as a machine pistol.
    G18 corrected

    G18 corrected to show it's slide in the proper position

  • All images of the G-18 in the Syphon Filter games erroneously show the pistol with its slide locked back, indicating that it is empty. This may have been done for aesthetic reasons. The real Glock 18 does not have any significant design differences (aside from a cut in the slide and a select-fire switch) from the Glock 17, the latter of which serves as the direct inspiration for Gabe's sidearm of choice, the 9mm. The G-18 was probably intentionally displayed like this to avoid confusion.
  • The G-18 was functionally replaced by the CZ Mach 9 in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, with a lower rate of fire but with the ability to dual wield.
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