Gershon is one of the many scientists in the Agency Bio-labs. He is one of the few important scientists to be able to access the Agency Bio-Labs secure computer lab.
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Gabriel Logan

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Syphon Filter 2

Syphon Filter 2

"What the hell? Who are you!?" - Gershon

Gershon is first encountered by Gabriel Logan who crawls through the airducts to locate Gershon in order to have access to the Agency computers. Unwillingly, Gershon leads Logan to the lab.

At the Lab Gershon taunts Logan into giving up as he has no hope of saving Lian Xing. Logan orders Gershon to kneel in the corner of the room while he retrieves some information. Once Logan has finished, Agency operatives barge into the room and start a shootout. Once Logan dispatches all of them, it is revealed Gershon was killed by one of the operatives, due to him helping Logan.


  • If the player is playing Syphon Filter 2 on HARD MODE. A unique cutscene will occur when Logan and Gershon reach the labs. Once Logan has ordered Gershon to kneel down, Logan will execute him by himself instead of leaving Gershon's fate up to the player.
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