Broken KemSynth valves. Inspecting the valves, it appears that specific gas valves have been opened by Red Section. This is further evidence that they came here knowing exactly what they had to do to create the most destruction possible. Whoever is running the operation, the man code named Black King, knows their way around a refinery. - Gabe Logan

Dead KemSynth Technician. Red Section is slaughtering these guys. This man was burned alive, slowly tortured to death by gas flames. What kind of man could do such a thing? Watch silently as a man's skin is burned off one inch at a time? I've found a hidden locker key in the technician's coat liner. These Red Section thugs are so amateurish they can't even do a proper search. - Gabe Logan

Demolition instructions. One of the Red Section combat packs contained a schematic for the KemSynth gas room, including instructions for where to set charges on the accumulator and condensers, and the locations of the reboiler machines. The evidence seems clear that Red Section came here with the intention of destroying the entire facility with surgically placed explosives. - Gabe Logan

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