Pigeon scat. This is the part of the job i hate. Mujari wants samples of infected pigeon scat, but taken from some place that could not have been contaiminated by Zhou's thugs. Why is it that biologists always want to study animal shit? I've never understood it. This time, I'm guessing he wants to see how the animals metabolize. - Gabe Logan

Uninfected pigeon. Mujari asked me to take samples from a healthy pigeon. I'm not sure 'dead' qualifies as healthy, but at least this bird is not one that I killed, so maybe it does. Somehow, Zhou has developed a flu virus that can be carried by only certain types of birds. This specimen may help Mujari figure out how. - Gabe Logan

Pigeon feed. I've taken a sample for Mujari to study. These birds are somehow able to resist the virus and Mujari suspects they are being fed some kind of antibiotic in their diet. This seems like advanced tech for someone like Jimmy Zhou. I wonder who is supplying him? - Gabe Logan

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