Flower from rare plant. Inside Yavlinsky's interrogation room I've found another one of the flowers I collected at the KemSynth lab in Alaska, and in Iquitos. Yavlinsky is definitely involved with Red Section somehow, and this plant is central to Red Section's plans. But why is one here? Is Yavlinsky in on the deal? Or is he trying to cut himself in? - Gabe Logan

Dinner receipt. Inside a jacket is a dinner receipt to the Konigsberg Castle, one of the most expensive restaurants in the country, signed Franklin Baxter. The name turned up clean so I had Teresa run a hand writing analysis. After checking Zeus and all of our NSA databanks, we got a hit. Stuart Coleman. He used to work for the NSA until the late 1990s, when he dropped out of site. Everyone assumed he had been killed while on an undercover operation. Evidently this was not the case. - Gabe Logan

Yavlinsky's papers. Yavlinsky has been part of the Russian underworld for over a decade. Going through his papers I discovered an interesting link to my own past: Eight years ago, Yavlinsky hired a female assassin to take out his chief rivals in Kaliningrad, paying her half a million dollars, US, to kill six men in three casinos. She was cold blooded, shooting them in the heads while they were at home in bed with their wives or lovers. She did it all in one night, on Christmas Eve. She left the shell casings in the kids stockings. It has come to be known as the Saint Nicholas Eve massacre. Who was she: Mara Aramov. - Gabe Logan