Red Section personnel files. This is incredibly clever. What's the best insurance against hi - tech theft of information from your multi - million dollar computer system? A low tech filing cabinet. Insice plain old manila folders I've found printed information on all of the key Red Section personnel, including, believe it or not, their code names. Touchstone was a man named Stuart Coleman. Singularity is Grant Morrill. Teresa is running background check now on them now. - Lian Xing

Hydro Simulation data. This chamber was designed to help astronauts train for working in a weightless zero gravity environment. When I saw they had Blake tied to the capsule at the bottom, I thought maybe they had taken a cue from some bad B movie and were trying to drown the kid slowly. Data uncovered from this computer, however, shows that one of the projects Singularity was working on involved a unique chemical bonding agent on which has been sprayed on the surface of the capsule. The Red Section security guards had been ordered to fill the tank to destroy evidence, not kill the kid. A bullet would have been far easier if that had been their goal. - Lian Xing

AIT super processing chip. Using my IR goggles, I noticed that one of the computers had a heat sink five times the normal size for this class of machine. Before I destroyed it, I removed its processing chip. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. After Mujari analyzed it, he said AIT had been working on a multi - cell processor which could simultaenously process a trillion terrabits of information. This is how they were reverse engineering the KemSynth work. - Lian Xing

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