Dive sled. Surgeyev's escape craft was a Russian Velo - 5 diver rider. Rumored to exist, but never seen outside of Russia, this was the underwater equivalent of a jetpack. While I was trapped in the missile room, Surgeyev had the courier codes and a big head start, but Bishop sabotaged the sled and prevented his escape. I know it must have been painful for Bishop to leave such valuable equipment behind, but something tells me he'll be coming back later to salvage the sled. - - Gabe Logan

Borrowed things. The engine compartment lid fell off of Bishop's minisub. Inside I could see the cobbling together of salvaged parts from all over the world, and from a variety of vehicles. The hydraulic valve I installed from the Agency seemed to complete this international collection, Manufacturer markings on each part told the story; an Israeli electrical system, Chinese armaments, and a Spanish chassis, to name a few. Considering that Bishop enters most ports covertly, his minisub bore the stamp of more countries than his passport. - - Gabe Logan

Depth charge. The unexploded depth charge had been a dud, but plenty of other charges had detonated and decimated the remaining Spetsnaz dive teams. Not content to scuttle their own ship once, the Navy is now carpet bombing the entire wreck site. Cordell had originally sunk the St. Helens to prevent al - Jamil from escaping with classified cargo. But I'm not sure if Cordell ordered this attack to stop the Spetsnaz, or to stop me. - - Gabe Logan