PDA. The dead courier's PDA screen was cracked, but the device still functioned. Teresa will download the contents later, but I was able to read the courier's last report through the fractured screen. 'Coded report: MI6 Intel accurate. Too late. Room in disarray. Subjects missing - - via force. Next action - - locate contact, special agent Mag'... He didn't live long enough to finish composing the message. He had come to the roof for clear line of sight to the NIOC satellite, to ensure contact. Ironically, this gave the sniper that killed him clear line of site to his head.

Code: 6N9 3VJ TNBT - - Gabe Logan

Dossier. I found a Chinese Secret Service dossier for one 'Gabriel Logan'. After recruiting Lian from CSS, I never expected any Christmas cards from Chinese intelligence. But I was still surprised to find such a comprehensive record of my life and career. I skimmed enough to learn they had targeted me for assassination on multiple occassions, but Beijing officials intervened each time. I assumed there would be death warrants, but I never knew I had friends in high places in Beijing. A CSS agent's codename is stamped on the dossier; Trinidad. - - Gabe Logan

Journal. A page from Shen's journal: 'I do not know who will greet me in Pakistan, but it does not matter as each nation is a non - proliferation state. If I stay here, this device will be in the hands of just one government. Trinidad has been watching more closely than ever. They will never let me leave. WMDs have never been used in modern warfare because of the promise, or threat, of mutually assured destruction, MAD. My English isn't so good yet, but even I see the humor in that.' I don't see the humor in that. - - Gabe Logan