Caviar. Kudrenko kills for country, for business, and for pleasure. What makes a man like him so terrifying is how quickly and easily he can shift gears between cold blooded killer and rowdy sailor. In a single cargo crate, I discovered caviar intended for bribing government officials, and laser trip mines intended for use in Kuranca. I'm not sure which cargo is intended for country, for business, or for pleasure. - - Gabe Logan

Shipping manifest. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian military has operated like a series of fiefdoms, and Kudrenko had his as south from Moscow as one could get. When not working on official military operations, Kudrenko's allowed to do as he pleases with all the resources at his disposal. The shipping records I discovered list everything from food rations, medical supplies, military weapons, to illicit substances. Kudrenko's smuggling operation was a one - stop shop. - - Gabe Logan

Fake passport. After our last encounter, I never got a change to see the long - termn effects of Kudrenko's wounds. Intel managed to get burn ward photos of the immediate trauma, but since them Kudrenko hasn't been seen while not wearing a hat. But there's no dodging a passport photo. Everything listed in this document was false except for the frown, and the grostesque pate of raw skin and thinning hair. - - Gabe Logan