Project Dark Mirror data set 1. Singularity had already reverse engineered the KemSynth data from the plants collected in Peru. Red Section scientists had broken the genetic codes of the materials that KemSynth spliced into the plant. According to Mujari, the data in this computer listed all of the splices which were designed to enhance the chemical reactions the plant extract had on the nervous system. Basically, like any nerve agent, Dark Mirror interfered with a nerve's ability to communicate. A heart would forget to beat, for example, or lungs to breathe. Not a pleasant way to go. - Gabe Logan

Project Dark Mirror data set 2. This set of data explained how Singularity enhanced the aerosol properties of Dark Mirror, enabling the compound to bond with oxygen molecules so the agent would expand in the air instead of becoming diluted. This was the key to Dark Mirror becoming a cheap weapon of mass destruction, or as Teresa would say, mass death. Only a very small amount would be needed to take out an entire city, an amount which could easily be smuggled into any city in the world. If it weren't for Addison's interference, we never would have stopped them. - Gabe Logan

Centrifuge project. Originally designed to help astronauts prepare for the strain of multiple G forces on lift off, this centrifuge had been refitted by Singularity. The nose of it was fitted with chambers for holding solutions of the KemSynth plant extract, presumably to act as a separator. Mujari will be able to tell us why they had to use such extreme force to distill the compound down into the parts they needed. - Gabe Logan