Stack of KemSynth personnel papers. Red Section is looking for seomthing. They've ransacked all of the employee lockers in the break room. Why? What are they looking for? And why do they think it would be hidden here? If KemSynth is a front for an NSA project, Freeman might have gotten advance notice that Red Section was coming, and could have hidden whatever it is that Red Section is looking for. - Gabe Logan

Red Section orders. Another example of sloppy Red Section protocol. One of their soldiers did not destroy his orders after reading them. His team was instructed to search this part of the refinery. They are looking for an optical disk which could be hidden anywhere. Inside a TV, a pinball machine, a soda machine. Undisciplined bastards got distracted, apparently. More evidence that they are mercs. - Gabe Logan

Hydroponics equipment. I've found a box of hydroponics equipment, bulbs designed especially for indoor grow lights. Is KemSynth running a drug lab? Growing illegal substances? Doesn't seem likely. The NSA would not be involved with something as mundane as the drug trade. Then what? Why would KemSynth have a hydroponics lab at a remote Alaskan refinery? - Gabe Logan

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