Kress's papers. I found a beat up satchel containing Red Section paperwork. Prominent is the name Richard Kress. Running his name, Teresa came up with this: a Richard Kress works in high level operations within the UN, coordinating peacekeeping efforts. If he's a Red Section mole that would explain how Red Section found out about this Zivmovic operation. A bug inside the satchel means someone didn't trust him. - Gabe Logan

Zivmovic manifesto. I've found copies of the Zivmovic Prijateljstvo manifesto. How the hell do you pronounce that? The book is filled with Zivmovic's famous rants, blaming the Imperialist United States for everything that's ever gone wrong in his country. I was ablt to find the book with my EDSU goggles because it has one of the small music chips: when you open the book, you can hear Zivmovic singing his anthem. The book explains why Zivmovic is here: he wants to use the depleted uranium for terrorism. It doesn't explain how he became allied with Red Section, or how he learned of NATO involvement. - Gabe Logan

NATO shipping label. Whoever was in charge of this NATO op screwed up and left electronic tracking devices on some of the shipping labels. Teresa decoded this one, confirming our suspicion: the signal leads back to a classified NATO nuclear arms research facility. Their waste material here is clear evidence that NATO is illegally storing dangerous materials at the site. Teresa will notify the Agency mop up crew and our handler in Washington. They might want to get someone out here, once the UN is finished blowing the place up, to remove what's left. - Gabe Logan

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