A microfile. Using my EDSU goggles I discovered a microfile containing Red Section orders. The soldier code named Black King was the man in charge of the attack on the KemSynth refinery. His orders were very clear: infiltrate the refinery, locate the classified project files, then destroy the facility to make it look like a terrorist attack. The orders are signed by another code name: a man calling himself Singularity. - Gabe Logan

Graffitti. Someone took a can of spray paint and scrawled this message on one of the pipeline building walls: 'Dark Mirror will kill us all...' What does it mean and who wrote it? Freeman? Kreisler? One of the KemSynth workers? Or one of Red Section's goons? What is Dark Mirror? - Gabe Logan

Freeman's personal papers. When Black King ransacked Freeman's office, Freeman's persoanl papers were scattered all over the refinery. We'll go through them in more detail when we get back to the command center, but this caught my eye. It's a shipping manifest from KemSynth Botanicals listing several new strains of plant, labeled 'Project Dark Mirror.' I think I know wht Red Section is here, but how did they find out about a secret KemSynth research project? - Gabe Logan

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