KemSynth transaction data. Data files on this computer reveal large sums of money were transfered from KemSynth Petroleum to a corporation called EDA Nine, and from Paul Smith to KemSynth. These are huge sums of money, adding up to millions of dollars. Whatever the NSA was paying KemSynth for, it was expensive. - Gabe Logan

NSA bug. I noticed that one of Freeman's hunting trophies was missing from his office. I found it in the room next to the server room. Using my EDSU goggles I confirmed my suspicion: the deer head had been bugged. NSA tech. I wonder if the NSA was here attempting to cover up their involvement when Red Section struck? - Gabe Logan

Freeman's email list. With the power restored I was able to search Freeman's computer. Someone had tried to wipe the hard drive, but was sloppy. I was able to recover data, including Freeman's list of email contacts. I recognised one of the names: Paul Smith, an alias used by NSA agent Jack Miller. Was KemSynth an NSA contractor? Have to keep digging. - Gabe Logan

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