Mara in her skivvies. It don't seem right to peek in on a woman with a scoped rifle from down the street when she's changing into her unmentionables, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Course, I knew if I waited around here long enough, something like this would happen, but no way in hell I coulda predicted this. Hoo boy and howdy. - Stone

Elsa in her skivvies. Great day in the morning. I feel like a god damned peepin' tom down here, peering into their bed room with a scoped rifle. Well, it's not like I meant to take these hi - res photos, just so happens it's part of my job, surveillance and all. - Stone

The toilet. Someone might think I picked this room becase of the straight shot it gives into Mara's apartment. Nope, it's the close proximity of the toilet. Won't tell Gabe this, but he's right. I'm gettin' way too old for this shit when I start planning ops around the close proximity of the damn latrine. God I hate getting old. - Stone