List of names. I've found a computer generated list of names. It seems to be a list of all the Kemsynth employees who have clearance to enter something called Security Section D. These names include Malcolm Freeman, the foreman, and William Kreisler, a lead technician. Who generated this list? Red Section? And how did they get inside information? - Gabe Logan

ID card. I've found Freeman's ID card, but I know that Freeman hasn't been out here since the op began. This means Red Section has taken Freeman. Maybe they were using his card in an attempt to access secure areas? Or data banks? One thing is certain, Freeman would not have given up his ID willingly. - Gabe Logan

Page from KemSynth safety manual. A Res Section soldier has ripped a page from the KemSynth safety manual which explains how to stop the distillation column from exploding if the release valves are accidentally closed. Obviously Red Section is not interested in safety. This shows how even the most innocent texts can be used for terrrism. - Gabe Logan

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