Red Section gear. I found one of the Red Section commanders taking time out to drop a load. Bad timing on his part, but if you gotta go, you gotta go. Now he's gone. Going through his gear I fiund a GPS, comm equipment, voice activated so I couldn't use it, and his orders. Turns out they never expected Hargrove to come alone. They assumed she would bring muscle and come prepared. They plan to rig the entire mountain to blow, again to make their op look like a terrorist attack. The bastards will stop at nothing to get Hargrove's disc. - Gabe Logan

Hargrove's Purse. I've found Addison's purse in the elevator. She must have dropped it on her way to the meet with Touchstone. It's funny though, the mind plays tricks. I swear I thought I saw that she had it with her while she was arguing with Touchstone. Maybe one of the Red Section soldiers picked it up from the scaffolding below after she fell over the railing. Not much inside. One odd thing. An old picture of the two of us, taken twelve years ago, the night before she walked out. I can't believe she's kept it all these years. - Gabe Logan

Kid's tennis shoe. Addison said Red Section would bring proof that they had Blake. Touchstone must have dropped it as he was running from me: a kid's tennis shoe. It's an American brand with the initials B.H. written inside. It's Blake's all right. It's a size 10. Big feet for a ten year old. If Singularity harms her, I swear I'll kill him, slowly. - Gabe Logan