A transmitter bug. Using my EDSU goggles, I discovered a transmitter wired into one of the main control panels. Once I get back to the command center I'll have Mujari take it apart, but my suspicion is that this is how Red Section infiltrated the KemSynth facility. An advance agent might have been working in the refinery for months, planting bugs, monitoring procedures and protocols. Then when it was time to strike, Red Section was able to just waltz in. - Gabe Logan

A Tropical flower. I found another tropical flower, identical to the one that Kreisler was holding when he died. I'm not a botanist so I have no idea what species or variety it is, but one thing is for certain: KemSynth is going to a lot of trouble to grow it in secrecy. Hopefully, this specimen will allow Mujari to find out why. - Gabe Logan

Evidence of technical expertise. The controls that operate the gas flow in the condensing unit have been sabotaged. Red Section used a welder to fuse the shut off valve. From the looks of it, a very professional job. They knew exactly what they needed to do, and had the expertise to accomplish it. Impressive work for mercenary para military types. Someone did their homework. Or KemSynth had a mole. - Gabe Logan

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