Another one of Hargrove's men. Mark Aldred. Teresa's background check confirmed what I already knew: he's another NSA agent. Either the NSA didn't trust KemSynth with their project, or the NSA has muitple moles embedded into the operation to provide security. Another option is that Hargove herself is working for the NSA, though Teresa could find no current record for her anywhere. - Gabe Logan

Red section radio. I've found a Red Section radio. They're running voice print technology, which prevented me from impersonating one of their soldiers. As Teresa points out, Red Section is running pretty sophisticated equipment. Their comm equipment is even more sophisticated than ours. This, together with the devices I discovered in the refinery, suggests that Red Section has access to government spec equipment. - Gabe Logan

List of boarding schools. When Red Section ransacked Hargrove's room, some of her papers were scattered. I picked this up on a nearby balcony: it's a list of boarding schools. I know it's Addison's because I see her handwriting on the back, notes she has taken about the quality of the schools. Why would Addison be looking at boarding schools? She doesn't have any kids. - Gabe Logan